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1,A good many proposals were raised by the delegates , __ was to be expected.
?????? A)that??????????????????????????? B)what ?????????????????????? C)so ????????????????????????? D)as?

2,The opening between the rocks was very narrow , but the boys managed to __through.

????? A)press ??????????????????????? ?B)squeeze ???????????????? C)stretch ?????????????????? D)leap?

?3,Some women __ a good salary in a job instead of staying home, but they decided not to work for the ask of the family.

???? A)must make ???????????????? B)should have made? C)would make??????????? D)could have made?

?4,These books , which you can get at any bookshop, will give you? __ you need .
??? A)all information ??????? B)all the informations?? C)all of information????D)all of the informations?

?5,The statue would be perfect but for a few small__ in its base.

??? A)mistakes ??????????????? B)weaknesses ???????????? C)flaws ????????????????????? D)errors?

?6,In American universities ,class are often arranged in more flexible __ and many jobs on campus are reserved for students.

?? A)scales????????????????????? B)patterns ????????????????? C) gardes ??????????????????? D)ranks?

7,While i __my spectacles , i __a pen .

?? A)was looking for , looked for ????????????????????? B)was finding...found

???C)was looking for , found ??????????????????????????? ?D)was finding...looked for?

8,The professor was knowledgeable and humorous and __ with enthusiasm,

?????? A)was always listened ?????????????????????????? B)was always listened to

?????? C)always was listened ????????????????????????? ?D)always listen to?

?9,She didn't feel like __, so i suggested __the day in garden.

??????? A)working spending ????????????????????????????? B)to work , to spend

??????? C)to work , spending ???????????????????????????? D)working ,to spend

10,The United Nations __ much to world peace and order.

????????A)has attribute ????? B)have attributed ?? C)has contributed???? D)have contributed?

1,[D] as引导的是非限定性定语从句, as 本身是关系代词,指代前面的主语内容,A)that 只能引导限定性定语从句,B)what引导的是主语从句,但后半句是一个介词短语,不能做主语,C),so 连在一起不通
2,[B]squeeze 挤,挤进,塞进,如The children squeezed together to make room for me to sit down,孩子们挤在一起以便腾出空来让我做下,A)press(常与up , round连用)挤,压,C, stretch 伸展,伸长,D)leap跳跃,飞跃

3,[D]情态动词,A , must make表示“必须做”这与句子的时态和疑似不符,C ,would? make表示过去某个时间上的将来,或者用于表示将来或现在时间的虚拟语气中,不合句意,B, should have made 表示“本应当”。即过去应该做而又实际未做,与句意不符,D , could have made 表示“本来已经够”。与句意相符。

?4,[A],不可数名词的用法,information 是不可数名词,所以不能用复数,排除B.D,项,all 修饰名词时,要么用all the+名词,要么用 all of the +名词。

5,[C]名词辨析,but for(若非,要不是)为线索词,引出的内容与前面的perfect形成对比,所填单词应该是表示“缺陷”的意思,C)flaws (表示某物材料或图案设计上的)缺陷,缺点,瑕疵,本句是讲雕像有几处小缺陷,所以填flaws,

6[B],名词辨析,本题所填词与more flexible搭配,表示“灵活的模式”,B),patterns(一般指做事的)模式,形式,behavior patterns行为模式,work pattern,工作模式,A)scales 规模,刻度。on a large scale 大规模的 C),grades,等级,级别,分数,年级,in grades分等级,D),ranks 顺序 ,等级,in rank在地位上,academic rank 学术等级,学术职称。


8[B]listen 是不及物动词,没有被动语态,listen to 可看作及物动词,有被动语态。

9[A]feel like 后面接doing ,意为“想要做...”,suggest后面接名词或动名词作宾语。

10[C]表示国家,地名等专用名词做主语时,后面谓语用单数形式, ,把...归因于,contribute to ,对...作贡献





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